Did you fall in love with Soire Estates? Because I did too.

Congratulations on choosing (or almost choosing!) the most amazing wedding venue in Tampa Bay! Soire Estates is particularly special to me because it combines modern farmhouse aesthetics with a deep appreciation for agriculture - think tropics, florals, trees - and charming touches of Floridian history. The renovated horse ranch has been one of my favorite venues to photograph! 

We're a preferred vendor for a reason!

Our experience on the venue goes beyond just taking photographs. We look at the property with appreciation, love, and creativity. There are SO many beautiful spots to take your photos and document your biggest day of your life.

Let's get down to the heart, and the root of life, together.

Hey! I'm Christina, I'm a wedding photographer based in Tampa, FL. I'm a huge fan of connecting with people and documenting their most happiest and critical moments of life.

I've been a photographer since 2010, back in the good ol' Warped Tour days, starting with music photography, then finding my way to portraits, families, and then fell in love with weddings in 2013. Even after doing this for over 10 years, I still cry when dads speak at toasts....or when your grandma sees you in your dress...or when your dog walks up to you and your fiancee in their lil tux or wedding outfit.

My brand is Heart & Root Photography because I am so proud of my background and upbringing. All my experiences collectively- from when my dad first showed me the mechanics of a camera all the way to the moments of me photographing my first born son- have lead me to this very point in life.

This is why I hold so much value in photography. I am invited into a stranger's life and for a short time frame, I get to document huge milestones by capturing these components that make that stranger...a friend. I see the collective moments of how they interact with their partner, their family, and their friends by photographing those subtle moments of hugs, laughs, and tears. It gives me chills every time!

FAQ - Soire Specifics

Why Do you love soire?

Soire estates offers a perfect balance of charm, beauty, and modern feels. I love all the couples that book their weddings at Soire. I'm not sure if it just magnetizes cool people...but I too am just so drawn to the place! I've done weddings at over 40 venues/spaces in Tampa Bay and this is near to my heart.

What happens when it rains?!

We GOT YOU. This VENUE also has you covered! There's so many cute, covered spaces that we can get creative at. Always make sure you fall in love with the indoor and outdoor spaces! Another perk about the grounds is that after it rains, it's not actually like getting your dress and heels soaked muddy. We were able to walk on the grass after a big rain storm. That was huge~ Make sure you check out Aliyah and Matt's album for those pictures :)

What's your style?

I think I resonate so well to this venue because the colors, angles, architecture...allow my creativity and style shine. I love bold colors, contrast, and showing off the beauty of our Tampa bay, which is greenery!

Should we do our engagement session here?

I mean, why not?! There are so many cute nooks, angles, and areas that we can get a huge variety of photos. Plus I will always give you a different take on the photos from your engagement session vs. your wedding day!

Do you love your dog?

Well you're in luck...because Soire is super dog friendly. and so am I :)

Okay, now let's get down to details!

Wedding Specials

Guess what! Any contracts signed between January - April 2025 receive an instamax polaroid highlight coverage! This is typically starting at $200 as an add on. You get these polaroids the day of, photographed and printed from my Canon DSLR (not a polaroid camera, so the quality is *chef's kiss*), and DELIVERED to you the night of/end of our coverage time! How fun! Click here for a video with more information <3

If you're ready to take the next step, reach out by scheduling your consultation call by zoom, phone, or in person! Zoom & Phone appointments can be booked online. Reach out if you'd love to meet for coffee. Can't wait to meet you!!!!

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