Mini Sessions

Now Booking: Spring is Here Minis 2023!

Multiple dates

$180 for 15 minute sessions

10 photos delivered in digital gallery

1 week turnover!

This year's holiday minis are themed around appreciating Tampa Bay! Every single day I drive over the 275 bridge, down bayshore. blvd, or ride on the stop and go traffic off Kennedy Blvd, I am actually so thankful to live in Tampa. Is that weird? Well this year I am hosting multiple mini's at three different locations. These sessions will take place in the evenings during golden hour, to capture the best lighting for the photos. Our style is to use natural light as much as possible, then supplement with flash as needed to give you that ultimate Florida GLOW! Let's GLOW UP and get ready for the new year- we have so much to be thankful for!

Minis for families <4 people. +$25/ additional person. Please contact us if you have any questions! Minis can extend to full sessions at time of booking/session.

Location (click for titles booking site)

Phillipe Park (at top of Indian Mound where stone steps start)

view overlooking Tampa Bay Waters

Experience matters.

To achieve your vision in 15 minutes takes understanding of how to work with clients ranging from babies to adults!

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Who are mini's for?

Minis are perfect for families, couples, and individuals who just need photos! Whether it be for celebrating a new family member, graduating a program, or just needing professional photos...this is your time!

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Minis perfect for your Mini-mes!

Capturing meaningful moments with loved ones is a precious experience that many people cherish for a lifetime. In just 15 minutes, you can have beautiful photographs that capture the essence of your relationships. Whether it's a family portrait, engagement photos, or just a fun day out with friends, these photos will be a wonderful reminder of the love and connection you share.

The Process

Booking the Session

Make sure to book ahead to reserve your time slot! If the time is still open online, you're free to sign up! Bookings and payment are required prior start of session. We have designated time slots for our mini sessions.

Before the Session

DAYS BEFORE YOUR SESSION: We appreciate having a quick conversation via phone call with our clients to discuss how we roll, expectations, and make sure everything will run smoothly!

DAY OF SESSION: Be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early to get comfy for photos!

Let's work together!

Before your shoot - feed yourself, feed the babies (humans and pets), make sure they're napped and ready to play! We incorporate a lot of movement with sessions to allow the natural flow of life!

During the Session

During your photo session, relax and be yourself. Enjoy the moment and let your photographer guide you through poses and moments that will look great on camera. Remember, these photos are about capturing the love and connection you share with your loved ones, so let that shine through.

Short & Sweet

After doing this for over 10 years, I can come up with many poses for the short amount of time together. This is the time to enjoy and capture these critical moments.

Photo Delivery

Specifically for minis, we choose the best ones for you! Additional photos will be charged $5/image or a specified price. The flat fee rate is determined by the amount of additional photos provided (can range from extra $30 to $150). When you book a regular session, we offer the process of proofs, but for minis, we try to keep it short and simple! (The process is different when you book full sessions). We provide you the amount of images included in the package and display the additional ones with our watermark.

Thank you!

Yay! Your photos will be delivered within 1-2 weeks after your session. Thank you so much for trusting us to photograph you!


When are these minis?

I will post on social media and announce mini's hosted periodically! Feel free to reach out directly too and I will keep you updated!

What if I need more time than a mini?

We have had many clients opt in a full session vs. a mini. Full sessions allow the flexibility of maximizing the variety and feel of the photos.

How many images do I get?

Typically between 5-15 images. You have the option to bulk purchase the additional photos at a one time, flat fee.

What if I book a session and have an emergency?

Life happens, I understand! Your session deposit will be credited and can be used for future sessions!

When do I need to pay?

Full payment is due upon booking! We like to keep everything short and sweet.

I have a vision for my photos. can i share them with you?

YES!!! Please do! I love drawing insipiration from life and others. After we connect, feel free to email or text me any screenshots or ideas you have for posing. We can reference them during our session!

I have kids. how can you help me get the best photos?

Kids will be kids! We embrace this and can incorporate games. Some other ideas is to bring bubbles, their favorite toys. We always prioritize arranging a phone call prior to our session to go over any extra details.

Why can't I choose my favorites?

We do minis as a short & sweet option for families who need a quick turnaround and less back and forth. We choose the best of the best from your session so less for you! Our full session packages allow you to collaborate more with post-processing with a soft proof gallery option. You always have options to purchase more images at $5/image or the entire gallery for a bulk price.



“I honestly cannot express in words the wonderful and amazing experience my family and I had with Christina! Her personality is warm and welcoming, and she knows how to get amazing shots without you even realizing it. She was so patient with my son who was turning 2 years old the next day. She walked and sang with him when he got distracted and her patience is unmatched! She even gave me a small pep talk when I didn't feel I looked my best, it honestly meant so much to me. The experience is unmatched!”

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