It was so nice to photograph you today!

The smallest encounters are sometimes the best!

We really loved taking your photos today! I appreciate you smiling for us, even for that 1 second photo. What a privilege! I wanted to share your gallery links below. Would love to stay connected if you ever needs photos in the future <3 Let's connect in instagram!

I'm Christina! I loved meeting ya!

I'm a tampa based wedding photographer

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Hi, I'm Christina!

Let's get down to the heart, and the root of life, together.

Hi! I am proud to call myself a super-duper dog lover, sushi foodie, music junkie, and a physical therapist too (Yay healthcare peeps)! Current top favorites: 1. seeing my dog, Dinosaur, when I get home 2. looking through old photos of when my parents were young hippies 3. meeting people who have lived in the 30's-70's and asking whether they are familiar with the poop emojis or not.

Photography has always been a huge part of my life. I think it's a HUGE privilege to be able to capture your life behind my lens. I appreciate happiness and love. I appreciate documenting things, and looking back at them when you are sad, happy, or nostalgic. I value photographs from the past- where I can see a glimpse of what someone's life used to be in the past. This is why I do photography.

Thank you so much for being curious enough to click on this page. I hope you can gain a sense of why I am in this service and can relate to this too. There is value in this work- and I would be so thankful to capture it with you.

My Approach

Surprisingly, when I am photographing any event, I am calm, collected, and prepared. It is amazing how my brain switches the stress indicators off when I am with my camera. All is fine because my camera has become my 2nd head. or 3rd arm. Ok. Extension of my being.

Humor is life

I am the best at being myself. This includes being quirky, corny, and making myself laugh. I honestly think I could have been a comedian in one lifetime...but in that lifetime it could have just been a couple gigs here and there. But I think it still counts.

My favorite tunes:

I know all these albums by heart. No joke.

1.) Bring Me the Horizon

2.) Shallou

3.) Odesza

4.) Justin Bieber (yes. belieber for life.)

My favorite activities:

1) collecting personal fans that are rechargeable so I can fight with the Florida humidity all the time

2) spending time with my three babies: husband, son, and dog.

3) balancing my time as a photographer and working with patients as a physical therapist! I love both careers because I spend such important moments with people.

Why choose me?

I work with my clients to see their image. Photography is a two way street and it is crucial that you are able to work with a great communicator. I am constantly refining my skills in communication, artwork, and creativity to allow the best experience possible. Your photographer should be experienced in all situations to capture those once-in-a-lifetime images.



“We cannot say enough amazing about Christina! She far exceeded any expectation we had for our engagement photos not really knowing what we wanted. The way she walked us through the whole experience made us feel at ease, from the location she recommended to the moments she captured, she was as close to perfect as you get! She was responsive and we received our final photos quickly (and way more!!) than we anticipated! She made the whole experience so special!”


Family & Milestones

Little Moments


"If you don't make yourself laugh, then who else will make you laugh?"

- me justifying my bad jokes

Are we a fit? Please contact if:

  • You value the moment and the relationships you have grown and are excited to celebrate milestones with everyone.
  • You enjoy quirky, weird company that will literally provide a comedy show included with your purchase package (comic will laugh at her own jokes)
  • You appreciate an artist eye, work, and dedication to using light and optimizing the organic approach to images



“Christina was just AMAZING ! She its so talented, she took extra time to take beautiful pictures of my dogs! I loved her work! And I recommend her work 💯!”

Servicing Tampa Bay Region

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