Florida rain can't stop this love!

Well! I'm so happy to share the proposal - engagement - celebration of S&H! We were tracking the storm radar (which is not reliable, as Floridians know) ALL day, coordinating with @thesocialpinic and S. 100 roses, plush blankets, wine, and a charcuterie board was all set up and ready to go. During the setup, we were getting harsh sunlight and drops of rain, which I thought would be okay (at that time).

4:30PM 0% Of Severe Rain

4:40PM 100% Severe Rain With Storms

The setup was a mile away from Don Cesar where S&H was staying. I could see the looming rain clouds inching in our direction but I was hoping everything would work on. As I was hiding behind the bushes in Passe-a-Grille beach, I noticed some curious eyes peek over the beach access path and hide back. As much planning and coordinating as we did, our surprise was slightly less of one because H decided to be proactive and scout the scene!

We were able to get MAYBE 5 minutes of the proposal and then maybe 2 minutes of enjoying the setup before the rain started hitting HARD. The rain poured for over an hour! Luckily, the skies cleared up in the evening for our engagement session at St Pete Pier.


love & HUGS!

full post to follow!

Congrats, S&H!