Poses matter!

You have limited time for bridal portaits on your wedding day. I want to make sure you nail the best poses! Make sure you show them to your photographer so you get these shots you LOVE!

Pose #1: Off to Adventure

This is one of my favorite poses to start with. You guys are just married! Emotions are running high and happy. Walking together warms you up and allows you to really soak in the moment together.

Pose #2: You are Mine

Let your photographer know of a backdrop, that you really love. You can be grainery, the venue, or even the ceremony site behind you. These small moments really give you the "we did it!" look.

Pose #3 : Proud in Love

Have your partners stand nice and proud in one direction, and then you can pop up right behind them. You can add a kiss, a bear hug, or just a nice soft smile.

Pose #4: Scoop & Love!

This one is pretty easy- scoop the booty and give her a spin! Dynamic movement really livens up the picture, so keep moving as long as you're a photographer prompts you!

5. Show off your backside!

Get a pose where you and bae are walking away from the camera and lean in for a kiss. The best part is that you don't need to fluff or adjust your dress because it's already perfectly arranged!

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