We're doing the thing!

Let's get the shot right!

Eek! We are so excited to be part of your proposal. We wanted to cover some upright details that go into getting the perfect proposal photographs as well as provide some tips on preparing for the day!

The Position matters.

When you and your fiancee approach the proposal display, make sure you position him/her in the best spot for photos. We (your photographer) will be standing facing the backdrop, so do you best to start your speech with your partner either perpendicular or back turned slightly AWAY from the backdrop, so we can capture their reaction. Think about what you want your proposal photos to look like! We will, of course, be moving around once the surprise is revealed, but if you want an iconic shot of their reaction with the backdrop...that all leads up to how you position you and your partner!

  • Positioning in relation with the backdrop.
  • Choosing their best side! Does your partner have a side preference? Of course you think both sides are the best, but if they prefer their left side for photos, make sure their LEFT side is facing the camera!

Here are some examples....

Off Centered, Side Profile

Side-to-Side Profile

Clothing Colors Matter!

Stick to neutrals to be safe! We're happy to discuss your clothing options and color combinations in case you're curious on best swatches. Avoid excessive prints - but in the in end, wear what's comfortable!

Right Before the Question...

  • I will be stationed discreetly at least 15 minutes before your arrival.
  • Please text me your ETA or delays that you anticipate.
  • Plan to be at your location at least 10 minutes before your start time to account for traffic, parking, or issues!

Save my phone number! 732-580-9944