First off, THANK YOU!

Wow, what a stunning, stunning, day!

We started at 10am and wrapped up at 9pm for a beautiful day of weather, people, vendors, and talent! Thank you so much for everyone who participated. I will be hard at work editing everything. Your feedback on this form is so important to me as well.

Can I ask three more things of you?

Please support the venue & leave a review!

Stephen & Elizabeth, Lois & Tyler, Loanne, Jaron, & MJ give their heartfelt thank you's to all the vendors! They would greatly appreciate if you left a 5 star review on their GOOGLE PAGE to help them kick start their wedding venue ventures. They will be leaving reviews to those who request--- please see form below for "review train"

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I'd love your support as a photographer and creative director with your review!

I want to delve into the styled shoot world to connect talented vendors like you! I would LOVE if you could leave me a review on working with me in general as well as a photographer. I will be leaving reviews to those who request--- please see form below for "review train"

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This is the finale!

I need some more information about your business for the publication and for other vendors/ future clients. Please fill this out to the best of your efforts! Thank you!

Please provide the more detailed, the better! In the end, please provide the sum cost of what a client would pay for something like this. I need this information while submitting for the shoot to publication. For Tux and Bridal Gown, please provide separate prices accordingly! For hourly services, please provide the total costs for the time the couple was there for coverage (from 4-8pm) Thank you.

I will be sending an email to all the vendors who are interested in supporting your fellow vendors from the shoot! If you would like to be a part of it, please make sure you spend time to write a quality review of working with the vendors as appropriate. This not only helps your business to show interpersonal connections, but of course, promotes the heck out of your fellow vendor! Let's create a community! :)

The owners are excited to jump into the world of weddings and expanding their venue options. Any feedback on the space, location, logistics, the goods, and the rooms for improvements are appreciated!

I spent many hours on refining every detail and making sure everything ran smoothly. I would love to hear your feedback your insight on what I did well, what I could do better, and everything else in between! I love growth and appreciate your insight.

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