First off...shout out to these two for growing such a beautiful family!

Introducing the Toddler Two's

Wow! What an honor to share these beautiful images with this family. We rallied around Vinoy Park and appreciated the palms, the clear skies, and the open space around the beachfront. These two did AMAZING managing their 2 sons (human and furry) while looking amazing under the Florida heat. It stormed heavily earlier that day but we managed to catch that 1 hour window before the rain returned. This is the beauty of doing photography in Tampa- you gotta have faith that the skies will open up during golden hour...because it usually does! Thank you for inviting me to capture your beautiful family!

The smiles were there...he just wanted to make the adults work for them!

Part II: Outfit change - coordinating on point with St. Pete Pier in the background!

Of course, gotta show love to their pup!

and...because I LOVE dogs...We need to finish this post with this beauty!