One of the many most important first looks...with your favorite people!

Incorporating the bridesmaids into first look wedding photography can be a wonderful way to share a special moment and capture the emotions of the bride and her closest friends before the ceremony. Here's how you can plan and execute a first look with bridesmaids:

1. **Location Selection**: Choose a suitable location for the first look that allows enough space for both the bride and her bridesmaids. It should be a visually appealing backdrop for your photos.

2. **Timing**: Plan the first look with the bridesmaids to occur just before or after the initial first look between the bride and groom. This allows the bride to share an intimate moment with her bridesmaids before proceeding with other pre-ceremony activities.

3. **Setup**: Position the bridesmaids facing away from where the bride will approach. The bride can either approach from behind her bridesmaids or from a different angle, depending on the layout of the location.

4. **Reveal**: As the bride approaches her bridesmaids, she can tap them on the shoulder or call their names to get their attention. The bridesmaids can then turn around to see the bride in her wedding attire for the first time. Capture their genuine reactions and emotions.

5. **Candid Moments**: After the initial reveal, allow the bride and her bridesmaids to interact, hug, laugh, and share their emotions. Candid moments often result in heartfelt and memorable photographs.

6. **Group Photos**: Take group photos with the bride and her bridesmaids in various poses and arrangements. Capture the bond and friendship they share.

7. **Individual Bridesmaid Photos**: While you have everyone together, consider taking individual portraits of the bride with each of her bridesmaids. This showcases the unique relationships she has with each member of her bridal party.

Incorporating the bridesmaids into the first look adds an extra layer of emotion and support to this special moment. It allows the bride to share the excitement and anticipation of the day with her closest friends and creates meaningful memories. These photos can serve as a beautiful tribute to the friendship and support that the bridesmaids provide throughout the wedding journey.

Make sure to communicate your plans with your wedding photographer in advance so they can prepare and capture these moments effectively. The key is to capture genuine emotions, laughter, and the bond between the bride and her bridesmaids, making these photos cherished keepsakes of your wedding day.

hispanic bridesmaids see their favorite bride for the first time in her wedding dress
the first look from the bride with her girls at barn at crescent lake
happy hugs with her bridesmaids on her special wedding day